Hi there.
My name is Derek and I am a destination wedding & elopement photographer. I am an avid adventurer, a dreamer, a Christian, and all around go-getter. I’m also an 80’s baby (’89 to be exact), a serious food lover (the more the better!), a decent basketball & volleyball player (more cause of my height than skills really), and a recent fan of coffee (I was not living life before!). Being a photographer has brought me all over Canada, the US, and even parts of Europe – no destination is too far!
I honestly love to document weddings.
More specifically, I love to document real connection in a pure and honest form. I take my role as a storyteller very seriously and feel nothing but the utmost privilege when clients allow me into some of their most intimate and vulnerable moments. In exchange, I promise to capture and bring these moments back to life for you.
When you look back on these photographs, I want you to feel something very truthful and authentic. I aim to clear away all the clutter and chaos that can happen on a wedding day and focus on the moments that will be special to you – moments you might not even know happened. In the end, I want you to see a very honest and emotional recount of your special day as well as a very honest recount of yourself just before you embark on this new unified adventure called ‘happily ever after’.
Your turn.


If you think I'd be a good fit for your wedding and the day you have envisioned, l would definitely love to chat further.